Forty million men and forty million women are currently going through andropause and menopause in the United States alone. Recent scientific information supports the introduction of certain lifestyle behaviors, including anti-aging practices and products, including hormones and select pharmaceutical products, that can prevent disease and maximize a person's well-being and longevity. Furthermore, research data indicates that the introduction of these anti-aging practices at an even earlier age (30-40 years of age) may help individuals live better longer. not only ships the latest and often times hard to find longevity products from around the world, but also provides up-to-date anti-aging information to help you look and feel your best.




1) EM is based on the most comprehensive health model to date. We combine the best of eastern, hollistic and other alternative medicines with modern medicine in our approach to wellness.
2) EM is an integrated wellness and longevity approach to health focusing on the whole person - body, mind and spirit.
3)It is supported by the latest medical science and research.
4) It recognizes that a person's worldview is essential to their well-being.
5) EM can prevent 80% of heart disease, 70% of most cancers and 100% of iatrogenic disease (physician caused) the third leading cause of death in America
6) You receive quality Nutraceuticals endorsed by credible physicians and scientists.
7)You receive the best international anti-aging hormones and pharmaceutical products.
8)Biomarkers track your progress and give objective evidence that your longevity program is working.
9)EM is ultimately about the awareness of the non-local nature of our mind-that it is infinite, indestructible and immortal.
10)Look and feel younger while living better longer.


Norwegian Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Coenzyme Q Gel
L-Carnitine Fumarate
Cholesterol Control
Bone Support
Skin Health
Eye Support




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