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1. Integral Health can be defined as the expansion of consciousness (knowledge) and the intensification of consciousness (wisdom).

2. Conventional allopathic medicine is limited – it is most effective with acute “crisis” medicine while not being very effective for chronic disease, our major problem today.

3. Conventional medicine is based on a disease model. A new model must include a wellness model – the Integral Health Model is the most inclusive model to date.

4. Underlying both conventional and wellness models are a basic set of fundamental worldviews (assumptions). Integral Health examines these assumptions and explores the fundamental “meaning of medicine.”

5. Integral Health explores ways to help reshape basic assumptions (worldview) that haven’t been done before. How you define 'Health' will determine the model you select.

6. Integral Health delivery will be geared to anyone on the Internet so it can affect the widest possible number of people in the shortest amount of time.

7. EM is about our awareness of the non-local nature of our mind that it is infinite, indestructible and immortal. This is the essence of Integral Health.

8. Integral Health encourages approaches that emphasize the responsibility of the individual for his or her own health through education and self-care rather than treatment and dependence.

9. Integral Health recognizes that the crisis in health care (and other institutions) today is also an opportunity to bring about profound personal and social transformation.

10. Integral Health includes an interior (subjective) and exterior (objective) approach and looks at the individual (I) and the collective (we).

11. Integral Health is the process through which we humans achieve well-being by “the ordering of consciousness”. Anamnesis or “remembering” is central to this and includes the integration of our species and individual psycho-historical development.

12. Integral Health is not a dogma one accepts on mere faith but because we are conscious beings we can discover and experience this wholeness (health) for ourselves.

13. We help create those “healing environments” necessary to meet the archetypal health needs of the developing individual by drawing on the best of the scientific, artistic, and spiritual traditions. Knowledge and experience shift awareness.

14. We believe that the new interactive multimedia telecomputer and developing information highways will become the major medium for enabling this shift in awareness.

15. Our health professionals provide the context and a significant part of the content for Integral Health. We model a “learning organization” and will provide other health professionals and interested clients the Integral Health Model.

16. We are developing an Integral Health Database for as Targowski has noted, “without an enterprise-wide information management system” there is no clear mechanism, from a holistic business perspective, to transform data into information and knowledge that impact business.

17. The public has lost the sense of chronology once fundamental to Western Education. The right approach is more important than all the details. With the death of the comparative method after Word War II, American universities embarked on a program of specialization which all but obliterated those “patterns which connect.”

18. Integral Health believes that select hormones, nutraceuticals, antioxidants, cosmeceuticals and cell therapy can help you “live better longer”.

19. We will develop certain strategic alliances with health care, education, business and Medi-Spas. Only by this mechanism can a significant model be created that can bring about the change we so urgently need.

20. Integral Health believes that medical research over the past two decades can provide significant anti-aging effects if properly understood and implemented by the client.

21. Integral Health will only be recognized when a significant number of health practitioners embrace an “alternative model” that can replace the existing one.

22. Integral Health puts its “values” first and economics second.

23. Integral Health provides individuals for the first time the tools to take control of their own health and well-being.

24. Integral Health makes possible a “new dialogue” and can build a new sense of hope and community.

25. Integral Health believes that the “right approach” to health care is more important than all the specialties and technology.

26. Integral Health uses the “spiral” as the symbol of transformation – that is, for the inner process of growth.

27. We are building a vision of what health care can be in the 21st century.

28. Integral Health is focused on the demand rather than the supply side of health care.

29. The Integral Health Model is a description of the future we want to create. It invites us to rethink and redesign our existing models, procedures, and systems.

30. Integral Health recognizes that the new model of health must place “consciousness” in the central role.

31. The metaphor of a “living organism” replaces the “machine model” of conventional medicine in Integral Health.

32. Integral Health recognizes how ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

33. Integral Health sees “worldview” as being essential for well being.

34. Integral Health embraces cultural pluralism. (Diversity.)

35. Integral Health seeks to put death back into society as a normal process of living.

36. Integral Health helps to uncover the individuals “authentic power”

37. Integral Health Guides help individuals become co-creators of their own health.

38. Integral health sees health care moving out of hospitals and doctors’ offices into Medi-Spas, the work site and home. The consumer is in the driver’s seat.

39. Integral Health recognizes that most health care reform falls short today, because it tends to extend the current system, rather than create genuine change.

40. We believe that this is the time to make the future of medicine because everything is in flux.

41. Integral Health believes that self-mastery and leadership is not exceptional but the natural expression of the fully functional integral human.

42. Integral Health is based on a learning model focused on creating “culture,” i.e., in creating “shared meaning.” The greater the meaning, the greater the consciousness.

43. Integral Health strives for a “dialogue” where “meaning” is flowing through and amongst people. Without dialogue, collective learning will not occur.

44. Integral Health recognizes that “alternative medical techniques” have become increasingly accepted and have become mainstream.

45. Integral Health recognizes that as more and more people develop the ability to acquire data beyond what our five senses provide, the distinction between our personal ego, self, and transcendental Over-Self is becoming more and more recognized.

46. Integral Health recognizes that our western civilization is dangerously over differentiated and under integrated.

47. Integral Health recognizes that all health models are by nature incomplete, i.e., ideas and worldviews must be vulnerable.

48. Integral Health recognizes that matter and mind interpenetrate each other.

49. Integral Health includes a MetaAnalysis i.e. an in depth evaluation of all four quadrants (subjective, intersubjective, objective, interobjective).

50. For business people substituting the word “health” for growth in reference to their organization has given them the Ah Ha of the paradigm shift in the “new business” world.

51. Integral Health recognizes that learning needs clear and immediate feedback; hence, the importance of rechecking the Biomarkers on your longevity program.

52. Integral Health seeks to enhance consciousness of our thinking and thus to originate new thoughts that can lead to new, more collective, productive actions.

53. Innovative “new companies” are mimicking integral human values.

54. Integral Health seeks to bring about a Metanoia – i.e., a fundamental change in the way one thinks about life.

55. Integral Health provides an opportunity to prove cost-benefits on a real-time basis.

56. Integral Health has some of the most respected Health Advisors in the world on its team.

57. Integral Health does not teach but provides opportunities to learn – i.e., to challenge prevailing assumptions.

58. Integral Health seeks to motivate and encourage individuals to engage not only in new thinking but in news actions.

59. Integral Health recognizes that “the imagination” is the seat of the emotions – the bridge between the conscious and unconscious. Integral Health seeks “metaphors” to nourish the imagination and hence alter beliefs and behavior.

60. Integral Health recognizes that most people find change difficult. Thus, “small incremental” (baby steps) are required to meet your health goals.

61. Integral Health recognizes that human behavior, and life outcomes change significantly when worldview changes.

62. To make sense of medicine in the 21st century, the center of health care must include a theory of consciousness. Furthermore, an analysis of consciousness has no instrument other than the concrete consciousness of the analyst. Thus, any health professional, it seems, must engage in an exploration of his or her own consciousness first in order to be effective.

63. Integral Health is committed to reaching the “consciousness” of those men and women who are leaders and change agents in health care.

64. Integral Health recognizes that a majority of patients seeking physical relief from a doctor have the physical symptoms as a result of psychological distress.

65. Integral Health recognizes that boosting a person’s sense of control and optimism improves health outcomes and decreases health care costs.

66. Integral Health recognizes that the true primary care provider is the individual themself.

67. Integral Health recognizes that you cannot heal the body or mind without healing the life first – health exists in a context, and it is the context (worldview) that is ailing.

68. Integral Health knows that all “suffering” is bearable if it is seen as part of a story.

69. Integral Health knows that throughout history there have been profound shifts in worldview and that we are currently in the midst of the emergence of a new worldview. This has important implications for the new health model.

70. Integral Health recognizes that health providers have been conspicuously absent in planning and implementing health change. Confusion and upset abound.

71. Integral Health will focus on the forces that drive the demand for care -- the attitudes and beliefs (worldviews) of providers and patients.

72. Integral Health is sensitive to the psychological interaction and communication style between health providers and patients, which can have important outcomes – “the language of healing.”

73. Integral Health recognizes that the key to medical care reform will not lie with providers but primarily be the result of the lifestyle and behavior changes of individuals.

74. Integral Health realizes that good health is completely unrelated to medical care utilization.

75. Integral Health realizes that disease prevention may not just depend on the elimination of biomedical risk factors but more on the mind-body interaction of individuals.

76. Integral Health realizes that medical outcomes don’t depend on the physician or health professional but on the actions of individuals.

77. Integral Health believes that business should assume a leadership role in the new health model for it’s directly involved in paying the health bill and has an ongoing intimate relationship with a large portion of the population.

78. Integral Health embraces many alternative medical systems, for example – Homeopathy in a meta-analysis of 107 controlled clinical studies using homeopathy, 81 suggest that Rx was effective (BMJ 1990).

79. Integral Health believes that it has been the lack of a “proper learning environment” that blocks the revolution promised by TQM programs. All this changes with the Net.

80. Integral Health asks, “Is the integral human capable of metanormal capacities?” We need “places” to support the development of these “metanormal capacities.” Hence, our interest in Medi-Spas.

81. Integral Health believes that understanding the Universe Story and then integrating the various structures of consciousness helps facilitate the integral human by transforming a person’s worldview.

82. Integral Health recognizes that the Universe Story (psycho-historical context) provides new meaning for the individual that may (1) alter behavior and lifestyle and (2) directly affect the person’s health.

83. We will be purveyors of wellness and anti aging information and will synthesize the best of conventional and alternative medicine. More importantly, we will provide the context to make sense of this information.

84. We believe that we have for the first time the tools and technology to match our “structures of consciousness.”- Multimedia computer technology is a new art form that does not narrow the human spirit and will become the primary agent for social and cultural transformation in the years ahead.

85. Integral Health recognize that there is just as much fragmentation in alternative medicine as there is in conventional medicine. Integral Health seeks to unite the best of conventional and alternative medicine.

86. Integral Health includes paying attention to the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

87. With Integral Health, learners achieve a deepening awareness of both the socio-cultural reality which shapes their lives and of their capacity to transform that reality through action upon it.

88. Remembering (anamnesis) gradually leads people to wholeness, to meaning, to a tacit knowledge of the mystery held within their own being.

89. Up to now, in the modern period, we have been without a comprehensive story of the universe (cosmology) – thus we have at the present time a distorted mode of human presence (and health) upon the earth.

90. Integral Health seeks to provide a functional cosmology by among others (1) telling the Universe Story, (2) dialogue, (3) embracing art as meditation, and (4) exploring different spiritual traditions.

91. Because we lack a cosmology – an experience of the whole – our lives have fractured and broken as have our hearts. Meaning only emerges from a sense of connectedness.

92. Since most people today lack a cosmology, a sense of the universe as home, most have no sense of ecology [Eikos (GK) means home]. Integral Health recognizes that you cannot have well people on a sick planet.

93. Integral Health is also committed to helping health professionals who are overworking and under exploring their own inner lives and sense of well-being.

94. Integral Health recognizes the importance of self-help. The capacity to illicit the “relaxation response” resides within all of us. This can only happen if some quiet time is set aside each day.

95. Integral Health recognizes the “doctor as gardener” rather than “doctor as mechanic.”

96. Integral Health agrees with Thomas Aquinas treatment for soul diseases. Wonder was the motive that led people to philosophy. Philosophy is to the cure of the soul what medicine is to the cure of the body. Wonder is a kind of desire in knowing. It is the cause of delight because it carries with it the hope of discovery.

97. Integral Health recognizes that the primary purpose of any company is to serve as a personal arena for development of those working in the company (goods, services, and profits are just the by-products).

98. Integral Health embraces art as a key factor in healing – people need inspiration, vision, story telling, humor, dance, music, and beauty.

99. Consciousness changes from one generation to the next. As our organs evolve, so does our consciousness. An example is our recent ability to see the color blue, perspective and the new understanding of space and time.

100. Integral Health recognizes that increasing numbers of people are experiencing the emergent integral structure of consciousness. A chief characteristic of this is a new sense of wonder and joy.

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