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Medi-Spas will be the optimum sites for the delivery of the new health and beauty model emerging in the USA today. This integral model demonstrates that the spa of the future and the clinic of the future will be one and the same.

While it is true that a 'magical' list of complementary medical and spa services will be delivered at these nurturing sanctuaries of the senses, an even more exciting development is that, at the heart of this new model, is meaning and the central role of consciousness.

This Integral Health Model, which forms the foundation for EM.com acknowledges the multidimensional nature of the human, body, mind and spirit. It also embraces alternative systems of health delivery that are often less invasive and more effective.

In the past, doctors and hospitals were responsible for delivering most healthcare. Similarly the conventional day-spa was primarily about beauty and pampering. All this is changing. The Medi-Spa/Medical Spa today is a place to learn how to live better longer, improving how we can "look our best and feel our best" while we enjoy interacting and socializing with like-minded people.

Both conventional medical and day spas have until now been focused mostly on the upper right quadrant of the Integral Health model. Spa-Medicine focuses on all four quadrants and recognizes that a person's psycho-historical development, culture, social structure and worldview are all essential for optimum health and well-being.

eternity-medicine.com is not about the latest spiritual mumbo jumbo but instead seeks to establish how we humans achieve well-being by "the ordering of consciousness". This is not some dogma one accepts on faith rather we invite you to discover and experience this new sense of wholeness (health) for yourself.

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