Biological Markers Of Aging

To qualify as a biological marker of aging, a marker is defined as a biological process that cannot only be measured and quantified, but is also universal.

It is important to note that excess levels of insulin is probably the single greatest factor that accelerates the aging process because it affects nearly every biological marker of aging.

Only by reversing some, if not all, of these markers can you truly state that your anti-aging program is working.

One of the first indicators of hyperinsulinemia (excess insulin) is an increase in stored body fat. As part of your program we measure your bodyfat and fasting insulin level. Also since an elevated insulin causes an elevated TG/HDL ratio, you can use this ratio as a surrogate marker for elevated insulin levels. Simply by lowering insulin levels, you can significantly decrease the building blocks for 'bad' eicosanoids which are the bodies oldest hormones and are responsible for many chronic diseases.

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