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Longevity Program

Longevity Program

Step 1:Measuring
Step 2:Mentoring
Step 3:Monitoring

What you become tomorrow depends on what you do today. You are the only person in the world who can do what is necessary to make you look and feel younger.

Step One - Measuring: A comprehensive Meta Analysis is done that includes over 20 biomarkers of aging.

Step Two - Mentoring: An eight-part longevity program is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Step Three - Monitoring: Your key biomarkers are monitored overtime to ensure that our anti-aging program is working.

o Restore strength and stamina
o Improve sexual performance
o Lose weight and keep it off
o Enjoy vibrant energy
o Benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement
o Maximize brain vitality
o Beautify your skin and hair from 'within'
o Reverse chronic disease - heart, diabetes, arthritis

*Cost for 6 month program $350.00 (includes laboratory testing)

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