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When we are in our 20's and 30's we think we will live forever. Not much thought is given to aging. Usually only when we reach our 40's do we first become conscious of our own mortality. Often this results when we suddenly can't read the newspaper or our energy level and sense of well being seemed diminished. For some, it is the onset of menopause or the placement of a parent in a nursing home. For others, it is the extra 20lbs or the increasing difficulty in maintaining an erection.

Mid-Life can be a great opportunity to stand back and decide which direction you will choose to live: either towards increasing chronic disease, or towards well-being and longevity.

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Well-being & Longevity


Our Wellness Program is divided into 3 steps:

1. Measuring
2. Mentoring
3. Monitoring

1. The first step is for the client to undergo a complete Meta Analysis. This gives an accurate picture of a person's current (and sometimes future) health status. A series of biomarkers give an objective way of measuring and monitoring a client on their road to well-being.

2. We want every client to "look their best and feel their best" The client is given all the vital information and tools needed to implement their wellness and longevity programs. A "mentor" is really a coach. helps coach the clients and keep them informed of the latest wellness and longevity information, services and products.

3. Monitoring is important to document that your wellness and longevity program is working. Select biomarkers and self-evaluations are repeated periodically to demonstrate your progress.

Step 1:Detoxifying
Step 2:Nutrition
Step 3:Exercise
Step 4:Mind-Body-Health

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