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Step 1: Detoxifying

Each year, we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in air, water, food and soil. With time this "toxic load" begins to throw the body-mind out of balance and symptoms begin to appear. If your score on the ecology screening questionnaire is between 25-100 or if you have a score of 10 or more in any single category you can expect your symptoms to improve by detoxifying your body.

Since each person will respond to toxic exposures in a different way, many physicians will not recognize chronic impairment until it becomes severe enough to produce a particular disease.

While our bodies are designed to handle a certain level of toxins, our stressful lives, polluted environment and poor diets can overtax the system. The final result is ill health and accelerated aging.

Detoxifying the body:

Before beginning a detoxifying program you should first do a 'toxins inventory'. It is important to first identify potential toxins in your environment and eliminate or reduce the 'toxic load' you are exposed to.

The main components of your detoxification system include:

1. The Skin
2. The Lungs
3. The Gastrointestinal Tract
4. The Liver
5. The Lymphatic system
6. The Urinary System

Detoxifying Strategies

1. Fasting (juice fast once a month)
2. Bathing (Epson salts or diluted hydrogen peroxide)
3. Brushing (vegetable fiber brush)
4. Massage (most types of massage)
5. Aromatherapy (select essential oils)
6. Lymphatic Massage (light circular pumping and draining motion)
7. Exercise (rebounder)
8. Sauna (keep well hydrated)
9. Steam (keep well hydrated)
10. Body-wraps (herbal)

More difficult
1. Liver flush (citrus juice, garlic, ginger, olive oil)
2. Small bowel (raw vegetables and digestive enzymes)
3. Colon cleanse (colonic irrigation)

Under Supervision of Health Professional
1. Parasites (goldenseal, wormwood, aloe vera)
2. Heavy Metals (chelation)
3. Fungal Infections (nystatin)

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