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Step 3: Exercise

It is important to recognize that even modest physical activity can make you younger. A recent report from both the Centers of Disease Control and the American College of Sports Medicine shows that just half an hour a day of moderately intense activity like walking, gardening or housecleaning, which burns about 200 k cal above a persons resting metabolic rate (RMR,) can provide most of the benefits of exercise.

Some benefits of exercise include:

(1) Burns calories
(2) Preserves muscle mass and strength
(3) Increases metabolic rate
(4) Relieves stress and depression
(5) Prevents chronic disease
(6) Releases growth hormone important for anti-aging
(7) Helps control appetite
(8) Improves confidence (self esteem)
(9) Helps relieve constipation
(10) Improves mental alertness and reaction time
(11) Prevents low back pain
(12) Reduces risk of breast, colon and prostate cancer
(13) Improves quality of sleep
(14) Enhances sexual performance
(15) Reduces risk of glaucoma
(16) Improves vision
(17) Improves cerebral circulation
(18) Increases strength of ligaments and tendons
(19) Reduces blood pressure
(20) Increases maximum oxygen uptake
(21) Reduces risk of diabetes
(22) Improves posture
(23) Prevents cardiovascular disease
(24) Improves immune function
(25) Increases longevity
(26) Decreases tobacco use

Sample Exercise Program

Any good exercise program should combine some stretching with cardiovascular (aerobics) and resistance (weight training).

One of the best exercise programs we know of is detailed in Bill Phillip's book, The Body for Life. A few of his principles for training include:

1. Weight train, intensely, for no more than 45 minutes, three times a week (do aerobic training on alternate days)
2. Alternate training days for the major muscles of the upper and lower body.
3. Perform just two exercises for each major muscle group.
4. Follow a specific intensity index and push harder every week.
5. Always plan your training beforehand.

According to Dr Michael Roizen by adopting a combination of exercises you can reduce your biological age by more than 8 years.

Most biomarkers of aging can (like with the zone diet) also be altered by exercise. This is why nutrition and exercise are the key lifestyle choices you can make to 'live better longer'.

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