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Carnosine (Eyedrop/Can-C)

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Carnosine Eyedrop Description:

A special form of carnosine, called N-acetylcarnosine has been used as eye-drops. The IAS interview with Dr. Babizhayev about N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops can be read by clicking here. In that interview he explains why L-carnosine can not be used in eyes. We also recommend also reading the latest article about N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops by clicking on the necessary text link as above. The N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops to be used for the treatment of cataract require 2-drops into each eye, twice daily for a period of 6-12 months (although due to the nature of senile cataract a permanent continuance may be advisable). Dr. Babizhayev in his interview states that the best results are achieved in the 3 to 5 month period. For preventative use, 1-drop into each eye daily with frequent breaks may be more practical. To date no serious side effects have been noted in any of the trials, (this is probably because the Russians have developed a unique form of N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops, whereby they have removed the majority of metals and salts, thereby reducing the possibility of side-effects, this special version of N-acetylcarnosine has been patented by Innovative Vision Products). N-acetylcarnosine eye-drops are available under the trade name of Can-C® and IAS is proud to announce that it is the first western company to offer them.

Carnosine (Oral)

Carnosine Oral Description

Carnosine oral supplementation is a relatively “new” area, normal current anti-aging dosages are 50mg-150mg of L-carnosine per day, (maximum 200mg day) with occasional breaks. Such dosages have failed to produce any report of serious side effects or contraindications to date. (It is believed that n-acetylcarnosine is not suitable for oral use as it is not absorbed through the stomach, whereas L-carnosine is). We don’t recommend larger oral dosages than 200mg per day because it may be that some of the advantages of oral carnosine supplementation comes from its breakdown. Furthermore, we know of cases of disturbing muscle twitching with 1g plus dosages. You can click here to see the results of a clinical trial that show 100mg-200mg of carnosine daily are effective, and that in-fact dosages of more than 500mg daily may be less effective. (Note: We are aware that the LEF is suggesting dosages of 1g per day. The potential reasons against these mega-dosages are discussed by Marios Kyriazis MD, Dr. Hipkiss and Ward Dean MD in the questions and answers section). You can also read the IAS interview with Dr. Kyriazis by clicking here. The synergetic and protective use of Centrophenoxine may be beneficial with long-term oral Carnosine use.

Carnosine (Topical)

Carnosine Topical Description

Carnosine skin creams and tonics can be applied to clean dry skin on a regular basis and allowed to be absorbed. Regular use should help prevent and treat the appearance of tough, leathery type skin and improve overall skin condition, as well as to help prevent signs of skin aging from occurring. We currently offer two types, a cleansing hand cream that can be applied after the hands are cleaned and an exfoliating serum that also contains alpha-hydroxl-acids, this could be used in the morning or prior to applying make-up. These topical carnosine based skin substances are the “anti-aging products of the year” in Australia!


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Carnosine (L-Carnosine) $21.49
Capsules 50x250mg

*** All Prices are subject to change based on the latest prices from IAS.

"NAC eye-drops may be one of the most significant advances and developments for aging eyes, especially as they appear to be able to substitute for surgery in many cases." Phil Micans PharmB, Great Britain

'I notice a general lift whenever I take carnosine supplements.' P.M., Thailand

'The Carnosine cream I've been using is a remarkable skin enhancing and anti-aging product' A.L.P., Australia

Carnosine Article

Carnosine Ingredients

carnosine print version


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