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Centrophenoxine is an anti-aging drug widely used in Europe to increase brain energy. Centrophenoxine stimulates chemical activity of the brain, in particular the uptake of glucose is increased. Glucose is essential for energy production; oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production also increase significantly when centrophenoxine is taken regularly.

Centrophenoxine has also been found to be very effective in the treatment of various human disorders, such as brain damage due to old age, stroke, brain injury caused by chemicals or drugs including excessive alcohol consumption. Centrophenoxine has the ability to protect against the damage caused by modern toxic environmental chemicals.

Protection Against Aging
Prolonged administration of Centrophenoxine has been given to healthy old animals, and caused a large reduction in the lipofuscin present in heart and brain cells. Lipofuscin is a waste product that builds up in older cells. The life span of Centrophenoxine treated animals is much longer than that of animals that did not receive the drug.

The learning ability of the treated animals was also much greater than the untreated animals. Centrophenoxine is able to reverse the age dependent accumulation of the mineral potassium in brain cells, and a number of other damaging changes that occur as the brain ages. Centrophenoxine increases the production of chemicals that are essential for the proper functioning of the brain, such as RNA and protein. Glucose uptake into the brain is also increased, in spite of the evidence of the effects of Centrophenoxine, its workings are not quite clear.

Centrophenoxine has played a central role in many anti aging experiments, and there is strong evidence supporting the observation that vital membranes are protected during continuous treatment with Centrophenoxine.

It provides protection against free radical damage caused by aging and improves the body’s defense against free radical attacks .Centrophenoxine has been revealed in many scientific experiments to reverse the decrease in RNA. RNA is essential for the body to produce protein and decreases with increasing age, as Centrophenoxine increases RNA supplies this leads to an increase in
protein turnover, this is beneficial in anti-aging.

Memory Loss and Senile Dementia
Centrophenoxine has been found to be most useful in the treatment of senile dementia. Regular use of Centrophenoxine offers a chance to prevent mental deterioration because mental performance is improved in both the healthy individual and those with senile dementia Experimental studies have shown that Centrophenoxine reduces the amount of lipofuscin in nerve cells.

This suggests that mental function is enhanced by the removal of lipofuscin from the nerve cells. Senile dementia is related to changes in the part of the brain
responsible for memories; the hippocampus. The nerve cells of the hippocampus are damaged as part of the aging process, however in senile dementia the damage is far greater. Similar changes also occur in other parts of the central nervous system. A very important effect of Centrophenoxine is the stimulation of uptake of glucose by the brain, this can make up for the damage caused to the hippocampus by aging and senile dementia. The beneficial effects on mental performance seen in people following regular use of Centrophenoxine are due to a real improvement in the efficiency of the workings of the vital cells.

Nerve cells work much better under the influence of Centrophenoxine. The exact way that Centrophenoxine works is not clear, but a theory has been elaborated by Professor Imre Zs.-Nagy and titled the “membrane hypothesis of aging”. This theory attributes a primary role in aging to a decrease in the ability of the mineral potassium to get into and out of cells.

This causes the level of potassium in the cell to rise leading to a reduction in essential protein production. The increased potassium levels are due to free radical induced crossed linking in the cell membrane. The cells of the body gradually lose their ability to eliminate damaged components, i.e. lipofuscin slowly builds up in the cells.

Centrophenoxine slows down the rate of accumulation of age deposits and is incorporated into the membranes of the brain cells, where it protects against the cross linking effects of free radicals. Centrophenoxine is able to increase the storage of new information in long term memory and increase mental alertness.

Dosages and Side Effects
There has been no toxicity associated with Centrophenoxine in therapeutic dosages. Normal dosages are one or two 250mg tablets a day, unless suffering from senile dementia then 4x 250mg tablets are taken throughout the day.

However, it is advisable to take occasional breaks, the appearance of muscle aches and pains may be a sign of over-dosage and thus a reduction in dose is required. Persons who suffer from severe high blood pressure, convulsive disorders such as epilepsy as well as children, pregnant or lactating women should not use Centrophenoxine, it is most popularly known as the trade name Lucidril.

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