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The following information is the translation of the manufacturer's insert- it is provided under the supplying company's terms and conditions and should not replace the advice of your personal physician.


Genotropin growth hormone cartridge 7 cartridges × 0.2mg

The Genotropin MiniQuick comes in a cartridge. The cartridge has two sections. One contains powder and the other contains liquid. The powder section contains the active ingredient called somatropin (rbe): labelled *rbe because it is not made from human or animal tissue. The cartridge contains 0.2mg of somatropin. The powder also contains some other ingredients, glycine, mannitol (E421), sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous, and disodium phosphate anhydrous. The liquid contains water for injection and mannitol (E421).
When mixed together, the powder and liquid make 0.25ml of solution for injection.

The somatropin in Genotropin is the same as natural human growth hormone. This hormone is needed for bones and muscles to grow. It helps your fat and muscle tissues to develop in the right amounts. The Genotropin helps for:

· If you are not growing properly and do not have enough of your own growth hormone.
· Your muscles and bones develop to a more normal size.
· If you have turner syndrome or kidney failure (Turner syndrome is a chromosomal syndrome-your Growth Hormone Specialist will have told you if you have this. If you have kidney failure, it is important to keep taking the other medicines your doctor has given you.)
· If you have Prader-Willi Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder, growth hormone will help you taller if you are still growing, and also improve your body composition.
· If you were small at birth, it can also help you grow taller if you have not been able to catch up or maintain normal growth by four years of age or later.
· The adults who do not have enough of their own growth hormone.

Do not take Genotropin in the following circumstances:

· Genotropin cannot help you to grow after the "growth plates" In your main bones have closed together. This is when people stop growing. Your Growth Hormone Specialist can test when this has happened, usually at end of your teenage years.
· Genotropin should generally not be used by people who are seriously ill (e.g. If you have ever been involved in a serious accident or have ever had problems with your breathing). If you are about to have or have had a large operation, (e.g. open heart surgery or stomach surgery), or go into hospital for any reason, tell your Growth Hormone Specialist and remind the other doctor you are seeing that you use growth hormone.
· If you have Prader-Willi syndrome and are severely overnight or have respiratory problems.
· If you have had cancer, you must finish your other treatment before you use Genotropin. Your Growth Hormone Specialist must be quite sure.
· If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to somatropin or any of the other ingredients of Genotropin.
You must tell your Growth Hormone Specialist:
· If you have Prader- Willi Syndrome, your doctor will give you diet restrictions to follow.
· If treatment is for children who were small at birth, your Growth Hormone Specialist may need to perform some tests before you start Genotropin.
· It is not recommended to start treatment near onset of puberty.
· If you are pregnant, as you must not start using Genotropin. Stop using it if you get pregnant or think you might be pregnant. Also make sure your Growth Hormone Specialist knows if you are breast feeding before you start using this medicine.
· If you have diabetes. You may need to change the dose of your diabetic treatment.
· If you are taking any other medicines, especially hormone replacement therapy, including thyroid hormone, steroids, anti-seizure medication or cyclosporine.
· If you have ever had problems with growth hormone treatment in the past.
· If you are on a low sodium diet before using it, as this product contains a very small amount of sodium.

In adults, as well as children, Genotropin can also be administered by using ZIPTIP, a jet injection device without use of a needle. The instruction for use of this device is enclosed in the ZIPTIP package. The device can be obtained from Pfizer.

It is important that a Growth Hormone Specialist supervises your treatment and gives you regular medical checks. This may mean you have to have blood tests. Your Growth Hormone Specialist may check:

· That your body keeps a normal amount of sugar in the blood. Tell your doctor if you start to pass large amounts of urine and are especially thirsty. Also let them know if you often feel tired, hungry and have lost a lot of weight.
· That your body has the right level of thyroid hormones. Let them know if you start to feel tired, listless or depressed, if you put on weight, are constipated, or if you get ahoarse4 voice or unusually dry skin and hair. This might mean that your thyroid gland is becoming underactive. You should also tell your Growth Hormone Specialist if you start to feel more hungry than usual, eat more but still lose weight, shake or dislike being in hot places and sweat more. This could mean that your thyroid gland is becoming overactive.
· Your eyes during your treatment if you have very bad headaches, eyesight problems or feel, or actually are, sick.

Your Growth Hormone Specialist will keep a close eye on you during your growth hormone treatment. You may have to have tests if you have ever had cancer or leukaemia in case it comes back. It is also important to tell your Growth Hormone Specialist if you walk with a limp, or if you start to limp during your growth hormone treatment.

Your dose depends on your size, the condition for which you are being treated and how well growth hormone works for you. Everyone is different. Always stick to the dose you have been told by your Growth Hormone Specialist.
These MiniQuick cartridges each have every thing you need for a single injection of growth hormone.

You should have already been shown how to inject Genotropin under your skin by your Growth Hormone Specialist or nurse at your clinic. Follow their instructions exactly. If you can not remember what to do, do not try to do your injection. Ask your Growth Hormone Specialist or nurse to show you again.

Some people get a temporary reddening or itshiness their skin where they do their injections.

Some people get puffy finger or swollen ankles, staff joints, pins-and -needles, joint or muscle pains for a short time at the Start of their treatment.
If you notice these or any other side-effects while you are using Genotropin, tell your Growth Hormone Specialist.

Do not use any of your Genotropin alter the expiry date on the pack.
Always keep your growth hormona at room temperature (at or below 25 degrees Celsius).

You should also make sure to keep the container in the outer carton in order to project from light.
Do not freeze.

Keep your Growth Hormone out of the reach and sight of children.

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