How to Determine Whether You Need to Use Growth Hormones

Symptoms of deficiency :

Poor general health
o Decreased energy, fatigability
o Loss of concentration
o Memory difficulties
o Irritability
o Poor response to stress
o Decreased ability and desire to exercise
o Decreased sense of well being
o Diminished sleep
o Lack of drive and initiation
o Increased anxiety or depression
o Increased social isolation

Signs of deficiency:
o Thin hair, hair loss, slow growth
o Increased wrinkles
o Sagging and loose skin
o Thin skin and nails
o Sagging muscles
o Pseudogynecomastia
o Bent over habitus, osteoporosis
o Centripetal fat deposition
o Decreased muscle strength and size
o Increased abdominal fat (apple shape)
o Increased waist/hip ratio
o Decreased exercise performance

Diseases of deficiency:
o Cardiovascular disease secondary to atherosclerosis
o Decreased renal function
o Increased hyperlipidemia (high LDL and low HDL)
o Decreased bone mass
o Decreased protein synthesis and healing
o Heart failure (decreased contractility)
o Decreased immune response
o Increased cancer risk
o Reduced anaerobic threshold
o Reduced basal metabolic rate
o Increased insulin resistance
o Reduced extra cellular fluid volume

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