This is an ergoloid mesylate derived from rye and Hydergine has become one of the world's most useful and popular smart drugs.

It enhances mental abilities and lengthens the period of intense mental workload by improving (and indeed stabilizing) oxygen supply to the brain.

It is also noted to act as a mild vasodilator (improving brain blood supply). At high dosages seek your physicians advice if combining with potent vasodilators such as Bromocriptine, Ginkgo Biloba, Nicergoline, Picamilone, Vinpocetine or Xanthinol Nicotinate).

Furthermore Hydergine has been shown to protect the brain and the heart from free radical damage and can improve the number and ability of brain dendrites to connect, and therefore has even been cited as an intelligence improver. Brain dendrites decline with age and therefore Hydergine's ability to support and nurture them is an important anti-aging function.

Hydergine is also known to improve brain glucose uptake and help to remove to an age-related cell toxin called lipofuscin.

Perhaps even more importantly, Hydergine has been shown in animal experiments to improve mitochondrial condition. The mitochondria are the essential cells that produce the energy substance of ATP. As we age the mitochondria decline in their number and density, but their size increases. It appears that smaller more efficient mitochondria are traded for larger less efficient types. However, in Italian experiments it was shown that Hydergine supplements help return "aged" mitochondria to a performance much closer to those of young mitochondria. This is an important feature because the decline in mitochondrial function forms the basis of one of the theories of aging. Click here to see graphs of animal experiments where Hydergine improved mitochondrial condition.

Doses vary quite widely, but even high dosages have few side effects. Usual dosages are 3mg to 9mg daily, build up doses slowly to avoid nausea.

We offer Hydergine in 4.5mg FAS tablets (specially coated), or in a more easily absorbed liquid version, the renowned company, Novartis (formerly called Sandoz) manufactures both.

Please note that the liquid form provides precise titration because dosages in 0.5mg increments can be taken, liquid Hydergine is less likely to cause any stomach pain.

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Hydergine (Hydergina) Hy-Pro2™
$39.99 Capsules 60x 2.25mg

"My writer's block has gone and I have accomplished more work in the last month than I achieved in virtually all of last year! This has been happened in the several weeks that I have been using Hydergine, I don't believe this is a coincidence." S.K., New York.



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