Melatonin Description:

This hormone is excreted by the pineal gland during sleep, and Melatonin production has been shown to decline as we age. Click here to see a figure depicting the decline of Melatonin levels with advancing age. Melatonin's main use has been shown to regulate sleep and circadian rhythmns, and allow the individual to feel more refreshed and alert the following day. As melatonin is directly involved with sleep regulation, the supplement's use in the treatment of age-related sleep disorders, jet lag or shift work is impressive. Furthermore, Melatonin has also been shown to improve the condition of Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) and extend the life span of animals. Melatonin is also considered to be a potent antioxidant. Recent evidence by Walter Pierpaoli MD, (the originator of Melatonin and the author of the best selling book The Melatonin Miracle), indicates that Melatonin protects the pineal gland. In fact, Dr. Pierpaoli believes that the role of Melatonin is specifically to protect the pineal gland against aging. Certainly, the pineal gland is unique, (in that it isn't protected by the Blood Brain Barrier, unlike most of the brain), and Dr. Pierpaoli asserts that Melatonin helps to reset the pineal, which in turn helps to reset the endocrine system and thus maintain a 'youthful' hormonal balance and regulatory cycle. Dr. Pierpaoli's and Professor Vladimir Anisimov (see Monte Carlo Anti-Aging Conference June 2001) and others, are working hard on discovering the actions of existing (and indeed new!) pineal and hypothalamus hormones. But they already agree on one thing; They concur that pineal and hypothalamus hormones have potent anti-carcinogenic affects and due to their hormonal resensitizing, that they have a 'rejuvenating' affect upon the whole organism. For these reasons Melatonin is considered to be a most important anti-aging substance. Whilst "general" Melatonin supplements have become widely available, IAS has now decided to offer a specific type that has been especially formatted by Dr. Pierpaoli himself. It's called TI-Melatonin® and it is a pharmaceutical grade Melatonin bonded with selenium and zinc. These substances work synergistically with Melatonin and produce a much greater affect. Dr. Pierpaoli is now writing an article for the Winter 2001 Issue of the IAS Anti-Aging Bulletin. He intends to elaborate on his new work with Melatonin and explain why TI-Melatonin® is the most effective Melatonin available anywhere in the world today. Currently, TI-Melatonin® is only registered in Italy, Switzerland and Kenya and thus IAS is pleased to announce that we are now carrying this important supplement. After our own personal use, we can clearly state that TI-Melatonin® is significantly different and much more potent (mg/ mg) than any other form of Melatonin we have tried (oral or sublingual). Therefore in keeping with the IAS policy of always stocking the best that is available, we have decided to offer TI-Melatonin® at this time. If you've tried other Melatonin's and decided there wasn't much effect, we urge you to try TI-Melatonin®. Dosages are half to one (maximum two) 3mg tablets at bedtime only. Only use TI-melatonin® when you are prepared to sleep.

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Melatonin (Oral) MELAT-1-IAS
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"found that the difference with TI-Melatonin® is very substantial. Normally I have to take at least 9mg of other Melatonins to aid my sleep, but I found that 3mg of TI-Melatonin® was much more effective. So much so, that I am now only using half a tablet!" Phil Micans, PharmB.

"TI-Melatonin® represents a breakthrough in the use of Melatonin supplements; call it genius or luck, but my patients are now obtaining excellent results with it!" Walter Pierpaoli, MD.

"TI-Melatonin® is without doubt the most effective Melatonin I've ever used. Normally I haven't noticed any strong sleep enhancement effects with other types, but TI-Melatonin® almost knocks me out!" David Butler BSc