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NeyDent (Toothpaste)

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Ney Dent Description:

This specially formulated paste prevents bleeding gums, infections, inflammations, periodontosis, loose teeth, bad breath and pain. NeyDent® contains a unique patented combination of 11 ingredients including bimolecular proteins, an antibacterial matrix, antibodies, vitamins B and C, oils, natural fluoride and procaine. NeyDent®’s unique combination of bovine ribonucleic acids (RNA’s - the building blocks of DNA), actually enables the mouth to help repair and regenerate all of its tissues. Thus, keeping teeth and gums healthy, improving blood supply and saliva production, as well as helping prevent bad breath and general infections. NeyDent® can be used like any toothpaste, brushing both the teeth and gums, but for it to work well it should be left on longer than normal before rinsing off.

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NeyDent (Toothpaste)NEYDE-2-IAS
Paste 50ml cream

"We've been using the NeyDent toothpaste for about 3-months and I believe that it is truly one of the most effective toothpastes we've used" David Koller D.M.D. New Zealand.

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