Pregnenolone Description:

This sterone is manufactured from cholesterol in the tiny energy cells called the mitochondria. Pregnenolone is the precursor of many steroids and as such is eventually converted into a multitude of steroids and neurosteroids. Click here to see a figure depicting the relationship of Pregnenolone in the steroid pathway. As such, pregnenolone supplements can help improve energy levels and help fight against chronic fatigue. Pregnenolone was discovered in a 1995 clinical study to be the most potent memory enhancing sterone discovered to date, possibly 100 times more effective for memory than DHEA. In animals, pregnenolone levels are clearly related to cognitive performance, the higher the level, the better the performance. Pregnenolone has been in use for the treatment of arthritis since the 1940’s and although it had fallen into disuse for that purpose, its safety record and low toxicity is impressive. Other clinical studies show that pregenenolone is good at reducing stress levels and inducing a better state of relaxation. As with DHEA, pregnenolone levels decline with age, dosages vary widely; a broad spectrum of studies would indicate anti-aging daily doses of 10mg to 30mg (maximum 50mg). Arthritis doses of 100mg to 200mg and as high as 300mg to 500mg for senile dementia. Pregnenolone can convert into any number of different metabolites and there isn't at present a surefire way of ensuring the ones you want and the ones you may not want. As such, it is possible that some of pregnenolone will convert into DHEA, and either as a result or more directly into testosterone, (although in our experience pregnenolone is less likely to convert into testosterone than DHEA). However, testosterone can convert into the estrogen estradiol, to help prevent this we recommend the use of DIM (Di-indolylmethane) with regular pregnenolone use.

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"I have MS, but now I have the energy I have the energy to leave my wheelchair for long periods. Although I am taking a combination of products including your Idebenone and ATP I feel that its the Pregnenolone that plays a biggest role in my ability to live a near-normal day, many many thanks and keep up the good work." B.M.L., Switzerland.