Women often use progesterone cream in the menopause especially to "counter-weight" hormone replacement therapy (HRT- estrogen therapy). Unfortunately many physicians who prescribe HRT forget about progesterone! When they do prescribe progesterone it is often the alien progesterone derived from horse urine and discovered in the 1920's! It is now easy and relatively cheap to synthesize natural human progesterone, and this progesterone cream is just that- natural progesterone. Click here to see a figure depicting the female cycle of progesterone and estrogen.

Clinical studies show that whilst estrogen levels drop dramatically during menopause they level out afterward and the body continues to produce estrogen (albeit in much smaller quantities). But whilst progesterone levels decline less rapidly they continue to decline until in later life the body often produces no progesterone. Click here to see a figure depicting the decline of progesterone with advancing age.

Not only do estrogen and progesterone work together to help reduce side effects, one of the most significant benefits of progesterone replacement is the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, the bone thinning disease that mainly affects older women.

Progesterone can be applied to the face, neck, upper chest, breasts, behind knees, inner arms or inner thighs, the site should be rotated daily. Doses are usually around 12mg to 24mg.

Pre-menopausal women would start the treatment on day 12 of the menopause and stop on day 25, repeating the cycle the following month.

Menopausal women would use for 21 days and discontinue usage for 7-days until the following month.

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"replacing missing progesterone with natural progesterone puts back the same hormone the body is accustomed to"
Jonathan Wright M.D.,
Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45
Smart Publications, Petaluma, California.