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Thymus Ingredients

Thymus Ampoules / Thym-Uvocal

Thymus Ampoules
Active ingredient: Low-molecular thymus peptides (Australian bovine origin) 1x 2ml ampoule contains: Medically active ingredient: 22 mg low-molecular thymus peptides. Other ingredients: Sodium chloride, phenol, water for injection purposes.
Areas of application:
Specific stimulation of power of resistance, inflammatory rheumatic disorders, additional treatment for tumours and precancerous stages of cancer, secondary damage after radiation and treatment with drugs which suppress or weaken the defense system, for diseases of old age.
Serious muscular weakness, thymus disorders.
Dosage instructions, type and length of treatment:
For intramuscular or subcutaneous (going under the skin) injection. Unless otherwise prescribed: Daily dose 1-2 ampoules Weekly dose 3 x 1-2 ampoules. Treatment cycles of 4-8 weeks, if necessary several times a year. Maintenance therapy can be used depending on the clinical picture. The ampoule can be opened without any aids by snapping off the neck of the ampoule. Once the ampoule has been opened, the injectable solution should be used immediately.
Side effects:
On very rare occasions, patients with atopic disposition (increased hypersensitivity) may experience allergically induced skin reactions such as itching or redness of the skin, nettle-rash and oedema or reactions such as fever and shivering.
Although there is no indication that it has an embryo toxic effect, Thym-Uvocal should not be administered during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Nor should the drug be used by patients who are known to be sensitive to animal protein/protein components or thymus peptides or who have such a disposition. If there are signs of sensitization during treatment, the treatment should be stopped. In the case of patients with hypothyroidism (impaired function of the thyroid gland), the thyroid gland and its function should be examined at regular intervals.
Ethical drug:
Thym-Uvocal injectable solution should not be used after the expiry date. Keep drugs out of reach of children.
Dear Patient:
Thym-Uvocal is a drug which is used to strengthen your defense system and stimulate the body's self-healing properties. In this way, diseases which are caused by a damaged and weak immune system can be prevented or significantly alleviated. Our body's own defense system, also known as the immune system, is able to recognize and ward off bacteria, viruses and environmental poisons which penetrate the body from outside. The immune system acts in a similar way towards harmful substances which are formed in the body itself. Diseases, such as infections, are prevented or they may be less severe. The secret of our immune system lies in the highly specialised defense cells (T-lymphocytes) which have learned to recognize and store pathogenic bacteria and foreign substances in their memory. In the event of another attack, the defense cells are active and aggressive and reliably counteract the impending disease.
The role of the thymus gland:
The thymus gland which lies on the pericardium behind the breastbone plays a central role in our immune system. It trains the defense cells and ensures that they are specialised. Only a thymus gland which is functioning well can guarantee that the defense cells have been effectively trained by the thymus peptides.
This is how Thym-Uvocal works:
The performance of the thymus gland does not correspond to human life expectancy: the thymus gland is at its largest at puberty. At this time of life our bodies are always encountering new pathogens and contaminants so the size of the thymus gland at this age corresponds to the enormous amount the immune system has to learn. The thymus gland subsequently shrinks to the size of a cherry. By the age of forty, our thymus gland has lost 80% of its original size and activity. With increasing age, the immune system loses its power of resistance. Therefore, in order to maintain functional performance, thymus peptides (Thym-Uvocal injectable solution) have to be taken. This means that ageing or old people are better protected against infections and numerous other illnesses. Thym-Uvocal strengthens the human immune system. It contains thymus peptides, natural control substances which restore the immune system's declining defenses. These thymus peptides increase the number of immune cells and ensure that they mature into normal defense cells.
Thymus treatment:
You can use Thym-Uvocal as a preventative measure and for acute illnesses. Strengthening the immune system takes some time and cannot be achieved overnight. Thym-Uvocal should therefore be used for at least 4 weeks, preferably 8 weeks. Injections are usually given three times a week, e.g. 1-2 ampoules on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hypodermic medication with Thym-Uvocal is often repeated 2-3 times a year in order to maintain the effect over a longish period.


Protein free dry substance of calf thymus (Australian origin), Phenol (preservative), Sodium Chloride.
Specific stimulation of the immune system, e.g. in primary immune deficiency, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, adjuvant treatment of tumors and precancerous conditions, treatment of lesions induced by radiation and of side effects caused by immunosuppressive drugs, geriatric indications.
Hyperfunction of the thymus, e.g. myasthenia gravis, thymus tumors and hypofunction of the thyroid. Although the occurrence of birth defects in relation to this therapy has never been reported, the preparation should not be given during pregnancy or to nursing mothers. Apart from these restrictions, the preparation should not be given to patients with a known hypersensitivity to medical preparations obtained from bovine organs, nether to patients with a strong tendency to allergic reactions. If during the course of treatment signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction do occur, the treatment is to be discontinued.
Side Effects:
In rare cases, in patients with an atopic disposition (increased hypersensitivity), allergy related skin reactions, such as itching, reddening of the skin, urticaria (nettlerash) and oedema or reactions such as a light fever and shivering may occur.
No interactions with other medical preparations have been reported.
Unless otherwise prescribed-
Minimum dose- 1 tablet (240mg) 3 times daily or 1 ampoule 3 times a week
Maximum dose- 2 tablets (240mg) 3 times daily or 1 or 2 ampoules daily. Therapeutic cycles of 4 to 8 weeks, if necessary several times a year.
Thym-Uvocal strengthens the defense system and activates the self cure of the body. Diseases that are caused by a damaged or weak immune system can be avoided. Our body's own defense system, also known as an immune system is able to detect and fight bacteria, viruses and environmental toxins that are intruding into the body. I.E. Disease and infections can be prevented.

Keep this and all other medicines safely out of the reach of children.

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