Thymus Description:

The output of the thymus gland diminishes after the age of 25 resulting in a reduced immune system and greater susceptibility to tumors, rheumatic disease, and growth disorders and general geriatric conditions. In fact the Thymus gland is one of the earliest to start sensequence [diminishing] and appears to start as early as age 14. Click here to see a figure depicting the decline in thymus function with advancing age. Thymus products are proving their ability to help improve the strength of the immune system and hence fight off infections, and have even been used in HIV. Thymus supplements used in clinical trials have treated rheumatoid arthritis patients and within 6-weeks reduce the number of painful joints and the intensity and duration of pain. Continued improvement is even recorded up to 72 weeks later. Click here to see figures depicting the improvement for rheumatoid arthritis. Many people also remark on Thymus supplements effect on improving well being creating a “joie de vivre” sensation. Using one or two capsules (240mg each) of the Australian bovine-extracted Thym-Uvocal® three times a day improves the thymus condition, helping to correct and slow various aging disorders. The product is suitable for long term use with no known side effects or contraindications.

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Thymus (Thym-Uvocal) THYMU-1-IAS
Capsules 90 x200mg
Thymus Peptide THYMU-3-IAS
Capsules 20x200mg
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"My wife and I both notice a distinct vitalizing effect from oral Thym-Uvocal. It is one of our core pro-health supplements." James South MA, Oregon.

"Congratulations on providing a first-class thymus supplement." R.W., Brazil.