Thyroid Description:

Dr. Dean recommends whole-natural thyroid over synthetic because they cover a fuller spectrum of thyroid hormones, including T1, T2, T3 and T4. (We choose Bio-Throid® over Armour® because the former doesn't contain the excipients of corn starch or titanium dioxide. In fact Bio-Throid® only contains natural thyroid and cellulose). Whole thyroid supplements are of USA porcine origin. Whole thyroid is measured in grains, 60mg = 1 grain. One grain or higher dosages are potent and usually require temperature monitoring and occasional blood tests. Persons with more serious thyroid conditions are often be prescribed it and dosages under a physician's guidance can often reach 3 to 5 grains daily. However dosages of more than one grain are usually increased by a grain over one to two weeks. Quarter grain whole thyroid supplements (15mg) provide a “lesser” potency and as such provide a general support to an aging thyroid condition. However long-term use of quarter-grain whole thyroid extracts may also require occasional breaks and monitoring. Dosages of whole thyroid extracts depend on your age and thyroid condition. As a rough guide they are 15mg to 30mg daily increasing to 60mg daily after a couple of weeks if necessary. Your physician MUST direct higher dosages. Whenever necessary, increase or decrease your thyroid dosage as slowly as possible over days and weeks. Reduce or stop thyroid supplementation if any of the following occur: you feel unwell, your rising-from-bed-in-the-morning temperature is over 98.2 degrees Celsius, your resting pulse is more than 75 beats a minute, your thyroid function blood tests are abnormal. Do not use any thyroid supplementation if you suffer from hyperthyroidism (an over-active thyroid).

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"The dramatic improvements that many of my patients have achieved on thyroid therapy often appear miraculous!" Ward Dean M.D. Florida

"There's no question that many of my problems were thyroid related, within days of taking the supplements my symptoms were either gone or being alleviated!" B.D., California.