Tri Estrogen

Esnatri® means "Estrogen-Natural-Triple", it is the first formulation to precisely emulate the research conducted by Jonathan Wright MD of the Tahoma Clinic, Washington State, whose work on natural triple estrogens or natural hormone replacement therapy has changed many women's lives for the better. You can click here to see a figure depicting the age related decline of estrogen.

This product has been covered extensively in the IAS Anti-aging Bulletin of Summer 1998 and also in an excellent book by Dr. Jonathan Wright called Natural Hormone Replacement for Women.

Since the development of estrogens in the 1920's, women have been receiving estrogens derived from horse urine! (It was very expensive to synthesise it then- it isn't now). Whilst the horse estrogens are similar to human estrogens they are NOT the same. As a result many of the problems associated with HRT (hormone replacement therapy) have centred on this fact and the fact that these alien estrogens are not given in the same way or in the same dosages as nature. You can click here to see a figure depicting the female cycle of estrogen and progesterone.

One may ask the question, how can it be possible that when a woman is given HRT she becomes exposed to many uncomfortable side effects and even a greater risk of cancer, yet all her life before these problems weren't associated with the natural cycle of human estrogens? Therefore it is likely the problem lies with the fact that not only are alien estrogens being prescribed, but also the levels of the 3 estrogens are often wrong and administered unnaturally.

The 3 estrogens are Estriol, Estradiol and Estrone. Most preparations of triple estrogens apply 80/10/10 percent of the above. Some pharmaceutical preparations of estrogen totally over-look Estriol; they claim it is a weak estrogen and forget that a woman naturally produces the highest levels of it. There is now a ground swell of opinion that believes that Estriol has anti-cancer properties, in essence it cancels out the carcinogenic properties of the other two estrogens.

Esnatri® is a unique natural triple estrogen cream because it is based on the latest research by Jonathan Wright, MD. It contains natural synthetically prepared human estrogens of Estriol 90%, Estradiol 7% and Estrone 3% the amounts considered to be the normal level of nature.

Esnatri® is applied topically, each 1ml of the cream applies 2mg of total estrogens in the above percentages. Women in menopause might take 1.5mg to 3.5mg (average 2mg) daily from day one of the menstrual cycle to day 25, stop and then repeat the following month. The cream can be applied topically using the fingertips to the face, neck, upper chest, and breasts, behind the knees or inner thighs. The site should be rotated daily.

Estrogen replacement should only take place under the care of a physician and should not be undertaken if you have suffered from, are suffering or may be suffering from cancer.

However the research is clear, natural human estrogens are much safer and have fewer side effects that the alien horse estrogens that are currently being prescribed.

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"90/7/3 is the closest natural formulation of the levels of estrogen in a woman's body".
Jonathan Wright M.D. Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45, Smart Publications, Petaluma, California.

"What a relief it is to find a natural estrogen cream formulated to the latest findings."
L.S., New Jersey.