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Celll Therapy

Cell Therapy

What do Pope Pious XII, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro, Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren have in common? They have all taken cell therapy for revitalization.

Vitality can be defined as the optimal functioning of the cells, tissues and organs in a living being. Revitalization means the reestablishment of lost function.

Some of the leading symptoms of devitalization include:

- Lacking initiative
- Rapid exhaustion
- Unexplained depression
- Impaired memory
- Insomnia
- Reduced self confidence
- Atrophy of the skin
- Organ insufficiency
- Trembling and unsteadiness
- Decline in potency

In the past "fresh-cells" obtained from cattle, sheep and pigs have been used. Strict rules insure that there is no transmission of animal diseases to humans.

We use freeze dried (lyophilisates) preparations. Deep subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is best. This is usually repeated once or twice a year.

Today there are over 2,500 scientific publications and more than 50,000 medical reports which record and document the effectiveness of cell therapy.

For more information on cell therapy, see the Cellusana product lines from Germany.

The Basic Cell Therapy Program

For Women For Men
Adrenal glandAdrenal gland
Placenta Placenta
Connective tissue Frontal brain


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