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What is Resort-Spa Medicine

Spa Medicine:
Your Gateway to the Ageless Zone
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Spa-Medicine is the merging of the best of the traditional spa and beauty therapies with the latest integrative medical practices.

The Medi-Spa offers you a nurturing environment where you can re-evaluate your current health status. Both the spa and medical experience are taken to a higher level incorporating both eastern and western healing practices.

The spa of the future and the clinic of the future will be one and the same. Dedicated professionals supply you the necessary information and tools to jump-start you on your road to longevity and well-being.

Spa-Medicine based on the Integral Health Model has the potential to prevent most chronic disease and significantly improve not only the length of your life but more importantly, the quality of life.

Pleasure is at the heart of true healing. The Medi-Spa's environment helps each client step back and look at his or her life in a larger context while facilitating those mind-body connections essential to well-being. There is no guilt and no pressure.

Spa Medicine:
Your Gateway to the Ageless Zone
(Purchase at Amazon!)

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